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The Reef

Price: High ($15 – $30+ an entree)
Phone: (904)824-8008

The Reef Restaurant -1- VilanoDayByDay

Head north on A1A and you’ll find the only restaurant near Vilano Beach that is located on the Atlantic Ocean. All other water-side restaurants are on the river. Not only does the restaurant have some great views, but you can take a stroll along the beach after dinner and work off that meal. At The Reef you’ll find lunch, dinner and brunch (on Sundays).

+ Pros: As mentioned, this is the only restaurant on the Atlantic Ocean in the area, and the only place where you can take a sea-side stroll after or before dinner. Whether you’re seated indoors or outdoors, you’ll get a decent view of the ocean. This place is a bit fancier than the others in the area and the perfect place to take your wife or Mom for Mother’s Day, or to impress someone on a date. This is the place to go if you want a quiet, romantic meal by the water.

– Cons: Prices are high and meals are hit and miss. I’ve had some good meals here, but I’ve also had some bad, mushy fried fish. Some views are definitely better than others and you might be placed at a table with a limited view of the water. This isn’t the sort of place you can relax with kids, and to be honest the staff isn’t the warmest/friendliest in the area.

*If you visit The Reef you’ll have to drive as it is a couple miles north on A1A

Pictures from The Reef

The Reef Restaurant -1- VilanoDayByDay The Reef Restaurant - VilanoDayByDay

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